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 “I was expecting to spend the better part of a day with the New York Fashion Geek looking for “just the right suit” for a wedding. To my surprise, and relief, the first store NYFG chose had such an impressive selection that we never had to go to a second or third. Also to my surprise, and relief, the suit cost less than one-third of what I had budgeted!

The New York Fashion Geek obviously knows how to read his clients and match their needs and expectations with what’s available. Like many men, I don’t especially enjoy shopping for clothing. With NYFG, the experience was painless and even a little fun. They’re personable, knowledgeable about fashion, and have a good eye for what looks right. They saved me time and money. I give them two thumbs up.”

-Greg Johnson, Therapist

New York Fashion Geek Reginald Ferguson NYC's Best Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper

NYFG Says: His suit was selected while laying on the couch.

“The New York Fashion Geek recognized that my personality wasn’t matching my current tie selection. He told me to set the budget and accepted the challenge to help me accessorize on a budget of $200. He guided me to his preferred spots that consistently sold high quality at a value and encouraged me to make personal and professional selection while he assisted me in our outing. In the end, I snagged 10 ties for less than $200. His guidance is priceless.”

-Michael Himes, Real Estate Productivity Coach

NYFG Says: What can I say? I’m the Tie Whisperer.

“The New York Fashion Geek was a walking billboard for his business because all it takes is one look at him to know that he knows fashion. I’m not totally clueless but sometimes I feel more comfortable suit shopping when I have some reliable back up. He not only knows what looks good but he’s a great listener that wants to help clients find their own fashion preferences. On top of that he’s a New Yorker born and raised, a rare thing nowadays, and therefore has amassed an encyclopedic knowledge of tailors, makers of made to measure suits and places to get great deals on fly attire. He helped me get set up with a suit and an array of shirts and accessories with only a week’s time before a big trip I had planned. Definitely well worth it.”

Blaze Mancillas, Comic, Creator of “Social Abstinence with Blaze Mancillas” Podcast

New York Fashion Geek Reginald Ferguson NYC's Best Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper

NYFG Says: This sounds like a new episode on your podcast.

“One word, value.”

“I have worked with The New York Fashion Geek on a number of occasions and it never ceases to amaze me how much value they add every single time. In both quality and price, they skillfully put you on the New Yorker inside track.

Over the last few years, I’ve been gradually building up my wardrobe and trying to add depth to a closet that has lacked it in the past. Recently, I brought The New York Fashion Geek on to assist me in buying a new work bag for the office. I’m  walking out on the streets most days, so durability was key, but it also needed to work in a professional office setting. The New York Fashion Geek ran a couple options by me initially that were nice, but not quite my style. They listened to my feedback – truly listened – and kept searching. A short while later they called me up to tell me, “Bob, I’ve found it”.  They have never said those words to me without them being utterly true. So here I go downtown to a sale of a brand I’ve never heard of (not shocking, as my brand knowledge is fairly limited). Everything in this place fit my style to a tee! I ended up walking out with not just one, but two perfect bags. I also found a new, high-end tan trench coat. My savings off of the regular retail price was about $500! Insane for such distinctive, well-made items. Sometimes you can’t afford not to buy something – especially at that level of quality.

Last week we went out once again and they took me into this shop, my initial impression was “Nice, but not really for me.” Still, they brought me over a pair of leather boots and said, “No pressure but I think you might want to give these a shot”. Not only did they immediately strike me as fitting my aesthetic, but they were well-crafted and versatile. The extra $350 off the original price certainly didn’t hurt either! They are now one of the nicest items in my wardrobe and I’m constantly looking for opportunities to wear them.

The New York Fashion Geek encourages you to take the best risks, yet never pushes you beyond what you are ready for and always listens to your feedback. They somehow balance finding the best deals to help you stylishly upgrade your look while also focusing on pieces that are built to last. Take the opportunity to work with them. I guarantee they will help you look as fashionable as New York City itself.”

-Bob Bonhage, Real Estate Broker

New York Fashion Geek Reginald Ferguson NYC's Best Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper

NYFG Says:  No, that’s not a tear. I have something in my eye.

“The New York Fashion Geek was great! As a fashion novice, I never got complimented on my clothing. After going shopping with them, I routinely get complimented on items NYFG has picked out. I’ll never forget one night I had checked a coat that NYFG had picked out for me at a sample sale. At the end of the night, I had lost my ticket. I thought this was going to be a big problem as the venue was very busy, but the coat check guy recognized me and brought out my coat immediately- saying he remembered when I checked the coat in because it was ‘beautiful’ in his words. Out of hundreds of customers that night, he remembered me because of the coat. What made it even better was the coat check man was obviously gay. When a gay man starts complimenting your clothing, you’re doing something right. 

In addition to NYFG’s impeccable taste, they are price conscious and they don’t just make you buy expensive stuff (though you get what you pay for). They know where to get deals. They have never had me buy full priced items at high end stores. They find great deals all over the city. They are very respectful of your budget and will work with your available finances. They will also go over your existing clothing to see where your needs are, and help you create outfits. 

I would highly recommend the New York Fashion Geek for anyone who needs fashion/shopping help.”

-Sandip Buch, Psychologist


NYFG Says: I lost my coat check ticket on NYE. The Coat Check Girl didn’t remember my jacket but she remembered me. Whatever works.