NYFG Family Influences

Reg’s Childhood

Reg Ferguson was born and raised in New York City, where he learned the importance of dressing well. Ever since birth he’s been a sharp dresser (I mean take a look at him, his bottle probably matched his bib).

Reg started New York Fashion Geek in an effort to help other men who weren’t as fortunate with their fashion upbringing.


One day, at the age of 8, while watching his Mom struggle to put on a ’60s military jacket (it was the ’80s), Reg listened to her share one of his first fashion lessons: “Reggie, don’t forget, what’s old is what’s new again.” She was right, the ’90’s are hot right now.

Grandma and Grandpa

Reg’s Grandmother, who was a seamstress, and his Grandfather, a Trustee at their local church, continued his training by constantly stressing the importance of dressing well.

Reg’s Grandma would pick out stylish items for him, sew them when needed and wash and iron his dress shirts when he became a young professional.

Reg’s Grandpa taught him various tie knots (he stuck with the Windsor), showed him how to shine and maintain shoes (he has his Grandpa’s old shoe shine kit and uses it every day) and shared a mantra that Reg uses every day, “Boy, always keep up your appearance.”

Reg took all of those lessons, went overboard with them and became a fashion consultant. He has incorporated a style uniquely his own and is sharing it with the world.