What is NYFG?

New York Fashion Geek aka Reg Ferguson is the best men’s fashion consultant and personal stylist in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Reg makes you look great daytime and nighttime, 365 days a year. Whether it’s casual wear or suiting, buying new clothing or optimizing the current gear in your closet, you’ll get 20x the compliments on your look when Reg is done with you. ‘Cause when you look good in your clothes, you feel good, and when you feel good you can conquer the world.

Contact Reg for a free consultation about your current style and how to upgrade it.

Why Use NYFG?

The reason why I’m better than the rest is because of my business experience. I went to business school (NYU-Stern) and I was in Corporate America for many years before I became an Independent Contractor. I understand the business and work culture from the Fortune 500s to the gig economy. From the VP level to the freelancer. What you wear determines where you will go career wise (even when you’re chilling) .

You may feel a good sense of style is not needed in your workplace but I’m telling you, regardless of your industry, how you present yourself plays a major role in how people trust your skills and trust leads to more career opportunities, promotions and money.

Also, we make it fun! Fashion should always be fun.

I guarantee if you work with me, you’ll receive a compliment about your wardrobe. Guaranteed.

NYFG’s Five Core Values