Does figuring out what to wear stress you out?

Do you feel absolutely clueless when you go shopping for clothes?

Do you want to stop feeling nervous about the outfit you picked out?

Would you like to feel confident every day you leave the house?

Then You Need New York Fashion Geek!



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Before we go shopping, we should check out your closets. I’ll come in, make an assessment and anything we agree to purge will go to the Bowery Mission.Once we decide what you need, I’ll accompany you to get your shopping on.What if you had a direct connect to Saville Row fabrics without going through Heathrow or Gatwick? I offer Men’s English suiting fabric from fresco in the summer to flannel tweeds in the winter. Go bespoke and get cloth from all the fabric houses you’ve read and dreamed about.If you see an item on your own and you want to make sure it’s “NYFG Approved?” Just call, take a photo, shoot video, or FaceTime me and I can let you know if the item is a winner or a loser.We can help you pick out the appropriate suit or tuxedo for your big day and help your crew as well.

Figuring out what to wear is one of those most bothersome things you have to deal with in your life…outside of taxes, rush hour, and getting your prostate checked. Most men would rather disassemble and reassemble a car engine (even if they don’t own a car) than try to put together an outfit on their own.

You know that looking good makes it easier for you to work, date and socialize but you have enough on your mind without thinking about if your tie knot compliments your shirt collar.

Let Reg show you how to look your best, while you soak in all the compliments. Whether it’s casual, business casual or business professional, Reg is your fashion friend who helps you “Always be fly.” All day, every day.

New York Fashion Geek Reginald Ferguson NYC's Best Fashion Consultant and Personal Shopper


In every episode we talk about men’s fashion, the entrepreneurs in it and some tips to help you look your best.

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